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Online Advertising Trends and Tips for Health Care Providers

Online Advertising Trends and Tips for Health Care Providers


The rise of digital technology has had a significant impact on all industries and health care is no exception. Traditional business models are being challenged and organizations have to adjust their tactics to keep up with the latest trends. Our October Google Partners Connect Event focused on recent trends in health care and the tactics organizations can employ to connect with their audience.


The Internet's Effect on Health Care


One out of every twenty searches performed on Google is health related, and the average person checks 12.4 resources before choosing a hospital to visit. These statistics show that people are turning to the internet increasingly more often to answer their health questions and perform research. Three trends Google noted in the average health consumer are:

Health consumers want things now.

When people search for health related information they expect quick and easily accessible answers.

Health consumers want to feel empowered.

60% of people use information from the internet to prepare for health care visits, as well as validate information they receive from health care providers. This makes it important to provide relevant information and target your audience in a way that catches them in the right place and at the right time.

Health consumers want an easy experience.

This trend can be seen across all industries. User experience on websites and apps is a driving force behind customer conversions. People expect their experience on the internet to be simple and frictionless.


Video Use for Health Care

Video is a growing gateway for distributing health information. In recent years, online video has surpassed television in average time spent watching per day, and YouTube has seen a dramatic increase in searches for health information. Google states that over 56% of patients search for health concerns on YouTube each month. Creating effective video content for health care requires a different strategy than other industries. In health care, personal testimonies that play to people’s emotions perform better. Data shows that people want to hear about other patient’s stories. If they feel as though someone they can relate to has had a good experience then they will be more likely to consider choosing that organization.


Tips to Remember 

  • Use Search Advertising. Video is an important aspect of online advertising for health care providers, but search advertising should not be left out. When combined, search and video achieve greater lift and higher brand recall as opposed to when one is utilized without the other.


  • Be Present. Make sure your organization is present in each moment of the information gathering  process. Utilize strategies that will allow your brand to deliver relevant and timely information while consumers are actively searching.


  • Build Awareness and Understanding. The most effective way to build awareness and understanding is through digital video. Producing something that is relatable and provides pertinent information will keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers.


  • Think Mobile First. Mobile friendly websites are no longer an option, they are a necessity. To increase the power of of your mobile reach you must develop creative assets specifically for mobile.


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