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Increase digital engagement with great images

First impressions are important.

Make it a good one!

Increase digital engagement with great images

The big marketing question every business wants to know is “how do I increase engagement and interaction with the public?” It’s a great question, so we are going to give you a few ideas on how to drive customers to your business through imagery. Why imagery? Well Twitter reported in 2015 that posts with photos get a whopping 313% more engagement. But don’t worry, we’ll talk about where you should use pictures and a few important questions to ask yourself before you put that photo out for the world to see.

Where should you use images to promote your business?

People don’t just go online anymore, they live online. Millennials reach for their smartphones all along the path to purchase, primarily for help with making decisions. And for brands, being present in these crucial moments is key. To make sure you are there in those moments, we recommend having great images that showcase your business in these locations.


First impressions matter. Having great imagery on your website allows you to convey your brand and story in a clear and concise manner, plus it drives consumers to trust you sooner creating conversion and increased customer interaction. You spent so much time and effort to build the perfect brand, continue that effort with photography and visuals that represent your business best. Not only do you need great images in the main sections of your website, but having quality professional images of the products you sell on an e-commerce site will make the difference between conversions and cart abandonment.

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Social Media:

Research shows that photography outperforms content and even video from an engagement perspective. Photos lead a whopping 87% of engagement. Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report also said that leading brands are targeting Facebook users on Fridays because that’s the day with the highest engagement rates. 17% of all comments and 16% of all likes and shares occur on Fridays. While this isn’t strict of all brands and industries, it certainly sheds light onto the overall user experience.

Email Campaign:

To send an email newsletter without images is both a lost opportunity at branding and conversion. As you think about how to use images in your next email newsletter, remember that images can be too distracting. In fact, overuse can send your email to the spam folder. Make sure images are paired with titles and content that are well thought out. Whether you’re using a template or custom design, there are so many options for exciting designs that lead to opens, reads, and clicks.

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By providing meaningful imagery that answers the searchers question, you’re helping them make the decision that much easier. Plus, there is more to Google than justrunning ads through AdWords. Whether you’re marketing your brand through Google MyBusiness, display ads, or Google Shopping, imagery is still just as important. In fact, 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business that has an image show up in local search results.




We can help.

Zeekee’s professional photographer is Google Trusted and here to help you tell your story and create a cohesive and custom look for your business. And we’re with you from start to finish. Let our marketing professionals help you optimize your photos from search to social. 

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