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How to get Google Reviews for my Business

5 Tips to Get Google Reviews for Small Businesses


Google My Business is a free tool that allows business owners to increase their visibility online and manage the information users see when they search. Reviews on Google business listings show up in search results, as well as on Google Maps results and are a great way to make a business stand out to potential customers. Not only is your average review rating important, but so is the number of reviews your business has. With that in mind, here are five ways to get Google reviews for your business.


Ask your Customers

If you offer a product or service that your customers truly enjoy then they won’t be bothered by the request. In today’s world, most people understand the value of online reviews because they often rely on them when choosing a product or service. Remember to be prompt in asking for reviews. If you wait too long customers are likely to forget or feel less motivated to write a review.


Promote on Social Media

Use your social media platforms to promote your business and ask for reviews. Social media is a way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. If a customer leaves a message or comment praising you, you should take that opportunity to ask if they would write a review for you as well.


Include a Call to Action on your Website

Including calls-to-action on your website can help encourage customers to leave reviews. This can be as simple saying “Have feedback? Leave us a review.” To simplify the process, you can include a hyperlink to your Google review page or Yelp. The simpler you make the review process, the better. Most customers do not mind leaving reviews, but will lose interest if the process seems too long or tedious. Provide detailed instructions and create direct links wherever possible.


Add Signage in your Physical Business Location

Display signage in your business location that reminds customers to leave a review. This is commonly done by the register or by the door so customers are reminded as they leave. You can also make a point to verbally ask your customers as they check out. This adds a personal touch that the signage will reinforce.


Things to Avoid

  • Asking for reviews in bulk. If your reviews appear in a pattern they can be flagged by search directories. Having a high volume of reviews posted within a short timeframe can trigger the search algorithm, causing the reviews to be invalid. Solicit reviews on a small scale to ensure you are capturing genuine and unbiased feedback

  • Giving away something free in exchange for a review. While it is completely acceptable to ask your customers for reviews, you should not provide incentives. Offering incentives is against most review sites’ policies and can create mistrust among customers.

  • Setting up specialized review stations in your business location. Google discourages setting up any specialized review stations or kiosks in your place of business. It can make customers feel pressured and affect the accuracy of reviews.


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