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How to Create a Strong Holiday AdWords Campaign

5 Tips For Holiday AdWords Campaigns


The brisk cool air of fall is rolling in and with it comes the beginning of the holiday season. For consumers, this time of year may bring feelings of chaos, but for marketers, this is the time of year to embrace the holiday madness. Here are five tips to help improve your Google AdWords campaigns this holiday season.

Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to provide additional information in your Google ads - giving people more reasons to choose your business. Extensions provide relevant information to shoppers and also increase conversion rates. This holiday season, take advantage of the price and promotion extensions. They will allow you to highlight your seasonal promotions without using up valuable space in the copy of your ad.

Update Your Ad Copy

Before launching your holiday AdWords campaign, focus on your ad copy. Take time to rewrite and update your ads to include seasonal messaging in order to capture the attention of shoppers. Using holiday language and incorporating current offers are two compelling ways to make your ad stand out to shoppers.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The holidays make consumers feel rushed. Everyone is trying to find the perfect gift before deals end and time runs out. Marketers can play into this urgency by including aspects like countdown timers or reminders of time sensitive deals in their ads and on their landing pages. This reminds shoppers that they need to buy now and helps increase conversions.

Connect your Advertising

All of your advertising efforts should be connected and cohesive. From AdWords, to social media, to remarketing, your channels should build on each other and work together. Messaging on all channels should be focused around the same strategies and supported by all of your marketing touchpoints. This means if you are running holiday deals or promotions on one platform, you should consider how other channels can play a role in driving the promotion.

Stay Organized!

The organization and structure of your AdWords campaigns is important to maintain throughout the year, and especially during the holidays. If your account is a mess then you are more likely to get lost. Instead, take a step back and organize your account. Seasonal products should be grouped into their own ad groups and keywords should be researched and highly relevant. Keeping your campaigns organized will help you quickly make adjustments and successfully manage all of your products and ads.

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