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Chrome Now Flagging Non-Secure Websites – Are You Affected?

Beginning in July 2018, Google Chrome will label all websites without HTTPS encryption as “not secure” according to Google security article. Google has encouraged website owners to secure their websites using HTTPS encryption for quite some time but is now becoming more forceful in their security practices. Any site that has not taken the steps to ensure security will be considered “not secure” and face negative ranking effects as well as warning messages to users.


How Do I Check If My Site Is Secure?

Search for your website on Google Chrome and check to see if HTTPS displays in the results. If your website is secure, HTTPS will show before your URL.

Browser bar with https circled in red


When Will the Changes Take Place?

Google is planning to roll out the Chrome updates in separate phases, starting July 2018.

July 2018

To provide users with safer website experiences, Google will begin flagging not secure sites beginning July 2018. This change will be implemented with the upcoming release of Chrome 68.


September 2018

Google now considers secure HTTPS sites to be the standard. Beginning in September 2018, Google will stop displaying the green “secure” icon for safe websites in an effort to further show that HTTPS is the new norm.

(Image by Search Engine Journal)


October 2018

In October 2018, Google will make its warnings for unsecure sites more prominent. Instead of simply reading “not secure” in the browser, Google will display a red warning icon alerting all users that the site they are visiting is unsafe.

(Image by Search Engine Journal)


What Should I Do if My Site is Not Secure?

Google has made it necessary to secure your website by converting to HTTPS. Choosing to not comply could lead to an increase in your website’s bounce rate, a drop in organic ranking and potentially lower your sales and conversions.


Need help converting to HTTPS? Submit a support ticket or contact your AE today to update and secure your website.