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Google Partners Connect on How to Optimize Your Online Advertising for B2B

Optimizing Your Online Advertising for B2B

Over the past decade, a shift has occurred in digital B2B marketing. We have seen buyers gain more control, data evolve, and the introduction of machine learning. These aspects combined, have reshaped how B2B companies interact with their buyers. In order to stay on top of these industry trends, we hosted a Google Partners Connect event to give local B2B businesses better insight into the best digital marketing practices for their businesses.

The Customer Is in Control

Today’s B2B decision makers are digitally self-direct and more in control of the buying cycle than ever before. In fact, approximately 75% of all upfront research is being done independently by the buyer. This means businesses have a larger window to target these potential customers before other factors begin to influence their purchase decision. It is also important to note, that this research is being done across multiple platforms. This means that the buyer is using desktop and mobile for their research, making it necessary for all platforms to be optimized.

Data Is an Industry Game Changer

The way we collect data has continuously evolved and improved over the years. These improvements have paved the way for data to be a driving force in digital marketing decisions. Two key takeaways from our Google Partners lecture were:

1.     Leverage data proactively. Use data to personalize your targeting efforts and reach people who are passionate about what you have to say.  

2.     Use the data you collect to fine-tune your marketing efforts. Data will tell you if something is working and you can use that information to optimize your marketing efforts even further.

Machine Learning is the Future

15% of queries on Google have never been searched before. This created a need for technology to be able to learn and adapt, as opposed to being explicitly told how to handle a situation. Machine learning allows Google to learn from patterns and accurately respond in situations that have no precedent, such as a brand new query. Google can read a new query and determine what ads and keywords are relevant and should be displayed. This type of adaptive technology is being leveraged more often and becoming more sophisticated as time goes on.

What Does All of This Mean?

B2B buyers have more control over the buying process. Because of this, businesses need to be willing to optimize their digital content in order to effectively communicate with buyers. This means setting up appropriate conversion trackers, optimizing your mobile site and using data to drive marketing decisions. Need help getting started? Let Zeekee help set up a custom B2B marketing plan for your business.