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Custom vs Stock Photography

Good photography tells a story, custom photography tells your story. It can decide how your audience is going to feel and eventually whether they are going to engage with you. Stock imagery can be cheap and easily accessible, but that also means you’re creating something that can be replicated. A study by Jakob Nielsen showed that web users gloss over and even completely ignore stock or filler images. In order for the user to pay close attention to the photo, it must be relatable or have relevant information. Here are a few examples of when your website definitely needs to skip stock imagery and hire a photographer.

Staff Headshots

Users want to see the people they’re meeting. Custom headshots add a high quality and personal touch to your brand. In the same study, users spent 10% more time viewing staff photos than reading their biographies that used 316% more space on the page.

E-commerce Product Pages

These custom photos help users understand the details about products they’re interested in or compare similar items. Conversely, using stock images here don’t create a relationship of trust and transparency between the user and your brand. Remember, user want relevant information. If your stock product images don’t answer questions about the purchase, they will often be ignored.

Visual Experiences or Services

Brands that provide products or services that are highly visual (think: event venues or restaurants) need to avoid stock photos. Users are often looking for visuals before committing to a reservation or appointment. Create a gallery or portfolio page on your website that highlight your product or service with custom photography. Stock photos can’t replace the authenticity and personality of custom photography. If you’re ready to freshen your website with new images, let Zeekee help. Our Google Trusted photographer can help you engage with customers and elevate your brand. Learn more and schedule an appointment through the link below.


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