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2018 Digital Marketing Trends


2017 brought endless trends and changes to digital marketing. From new Google tools and algorithms to taglines like “content is king” and “AI is the future,” 2017 proved to be an ever-changing landscape. But as we wind down on our 2017 marketing campaigns, here are three things you should take note of as you prepare for 2018.

More Personalized Marketing Campaigns

According to a Yankelovich study, the average person is exposed to 362 ads per day. Of these ads, 12 might leave an impression. This makes targeting your ad campaigns more important than ever. There’s no time (or budget) for hypothetical guesses about consumer desires. Conversions grow with personalized brand messages. Digital advertising gives marketers more tools to handpick a specific audience that will be most likely to engage with their product. The key to converting more customers As advertising competition continues to grow, it's important to concentrate on building smaller audience driven campaign instead of larger generic ones to stand out from the crowd.

Growth of Micro-influencers

In 2017 we saw a huge rise in influencer marketing from small startups to large brands like Hello Fresh and Acura. This trend appears to strongly continue in 2018 with a focus on micro-influencers. With the rise of more personalized marketing campaigns, businesses can utilize micro-influencers with more niche audiences to get their product in front of the right audience in a more organic way than solely traditional digital advertising.

ADA Compliance in Websites

Website accessibly is quickly becoming a hot topic with companies such as Winn-Dixie facing and losing lawsuits for having inaccessible websites. Currently there is no official guidelines on what makes a website ADA compliant, but several federal regulations could start taking effect in 2018. The biggest websites that will be open to lawsuits are businesses considered to be a “public accommodation” such as B2C or retail company. While there are still several levels of compliance, it is important to start considering how to make sure your website meets the basics such as alt imagery tags, link descriptions, video subtitles and form descriptions.


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