From years of designing websites for companies both great and small, our team at Zeekee Interactive has a finely tuned understanding of where beauty and function meet effectively on the web.

There is a difference between Website Development and Website Design. Website Development is function –– or the “creation of the entire website package” put together. Website Design is the thoughtful and engaging package that entices the online visitor to navigate your website and see what you are all about. While the most effective website designs have each of these aspects in a harmonious marriage of beauty and brains, it is often difficult to find a website design company with a staff that can provide you with both. Zeekee Interactive’s team of website design professionals includes two graphic designers with the artistic know-how to take your descriptions and bring them to life in colorful, flash, html, CSS, php technology and overall website layout. In every website design we create, we generate opportunities for you to promote your products, offerings and services.

Our website designers will meet with you and discuss your ultimate goal for your website visitors. Not to mention our creative graphic designers will also make sure that the look and feel of the design we create will mirror any of your current marketing goals. We also like to gather a range of statistical information from your website visitors to help with tracking and follow up. Website Statistics are an important piece of the marketing pie and we can help you understand those as well.

Most importantly, we want you to be happy with the website design 365 days of the year. The group at Zeekee does not consider any web project a “build it and they will come” operation. As a proactive website design company we are happy to continuously update your website as your business grows and changes, in fact we encourage it by combining maintenance time with our website hosting packages. Updating ensures that your website will never be stagnant or stale, and to customers it presents a fresh product with a fresh look –– all of the time.

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