You have the website of your dreams. It is the perfect combination of design, functionality and marketing. So, where is all your traffic? Other than just making sure your website works well and looks good, you have to make sure your potential customers can find you on Google, Yahoo and Bing. What is the solution? Search Engine Optimization!

So, what is search engine optimization or SEO? It is a time intensive process of improving internal and external aspects of your website in order to make it more visible, and maximize the volume and quality of traffic received via the search engines. With the proper amount of attention, SEO can be an incredibly powerful way to grow your business. To successfully optimize your website, it helps to be both creative and analytical. It is equal parts research, marketing, sociology and game theory. We only employ and implement legitimate, proven SEO strategies. Our philosophy is to build a consumer/search engine friendly website, research your interactive marketing opportunities and implement strategies to capitalize on those opportunities. Zeekee Interactive offers a full suite of customized SEO packages to fit our client’s needs.

How can SEO help your business? Google's Avinash Kaushik stated that 14% of Google clicks are on paid search ads and the other 86% of the clicks are on organic or natural search results. On top of that, organic results on the first page are selected 90% of the time. We think that is a good case for optimizing your website and being on the first page of relevant search results. Dollar for dollar, SEO is the most cost effective form of internet marketing, because the effects of optimizing your website will last over time. Natural search easily is one of the best ways to improve your businesses visibility, and it costs less than spending money on search engine marketing (it costs you ZERO Dollars per click).

Zeekee Interactive Search Engine Optimization services include:

  1. Research and develop relevant keyword lists for your business or service
  2. Competitive research for your business, service or category
  3. Development of keyword rich content for your website to improve search engine visibility
  4. Creation of quality links to your website to improve online popularity
  5. Analysis of your website traffic statistics to learn more about your customer’s web surfing habits, how they find you and the effectiveness of your website and content.

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