A strategic key word marketing campaign and search engine sponsorships will greatly increase your site traffic and even help your search engine ranking results.

Like every other marketing effort, however, it needs to be done carefully and tracked down to the click-through. The 'ads' have to be creative, relevant, and most importantly show an ROI for your business. Unlike most other forms of advertising, we can GUARANTEE that for every dollar spent you will have a visitor.

This type of advertising can be bought and managed many different ways - from 'auction type' services with daily budgets, all the way to flat out buying your way up a list. Knowing when and where to spend time and money on these services can be very time consuming and is often tricky. That’s what we are here for.

Zeekee Interactive will work with you on creating and managing a key word marketing program that helps eliminate some of the worry generally associated with advertising. We will research the relevant key words, design a budget, write the ad copy, track the results, and make necessary revisions for the campaigns. We take the stress out of internet marketing and get you results rather than headaches.