Interactive Strategy Consulting

Your online presence sometimes needs a breath of fresh air. An outside interactive consultant can efficiently help get you back on track to where your business needs to be.

Zeekee has been consulting with companies about their web positioning and strategy since the inception of the company and has a very successful track record to back it up. We specialize in being able to take a current interactive position and move it around many roadblocks that might be in the way of a truly great interactive marketing campaign.

Zeekee is more than happy to sit with the business principles, marketing managers, or technical staff to help design a path for a more aggressive growth in your market. The internet is all that we do, therefore we have a unique outlook on stale situations and as an interactive consultant we can provide solutions that might not be readily visible from an inside standpoint.

Call us today to see how we can help point you in the right direction with a new interactive strategy.